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Gifts for Dementia Patients


It’s a known fact that the little things in life can make the biggest of differences in the lives of your loved ones. This can doubly apply when it comes to patients living with dementia. Owing to the sensitive and unpredictable nature of the effects of Dementia, patients require specialized care as well as a good sense of loving affection during this time.

One of the ways you can make an impact on your loved one with dementia is by getting them something special in the form of a gift. The sentimental nature that accompanies a gift makes the gesture even more meaningful and advantageous in managing dementia.

Why A Gift?

It’s safe to say that everyone likes a thoughtful gift. If the gift is sentimental or relevant, then it’s even more appealing. In the case of dementia patients, it can be very tricky to pick something that will appeal, even if you know it would have before they became ill.

There are unique gifts conveniently available online that can prove to play a significant role in making life easier for your loved ones. Apart from reassuring your loved ones of your love and consideration, these gifts provide legitimate assistance, including positive mental engagement and convenient physical activity.

Here are some of the considerations to make when sourcing for a gift:

Particular Needs

Dementia can manifest itself in different forms and present itself in one among different inhibiting ways. Such is the steep degree of challenges faced by caregivers in most parts of different senior living communities. Different individuals require specialized care based on their ailments.

While making your selection for a gift to give to your loved one suffering from dementia, it is advisable to consider one that will positively impact on the individual with regard to the nature of dementia affecting them.


It goes without saying that an ideal gift is one that can be effectively utilized with relative ease. Patients with dementia would understandably need gifts of simplistic nature in –terms of usability. Complications with understanding the workings or requirements of using a particular gift may unnecessarily pose stressful hurdles that could further put pressure on the already undesired effects of dementia.


Any time spent in the company of your loved ones is a special moment. With the right gift, you can have a pleasant moment with a loved one affected by dementia. There is a wide array of gifts to choose from that provide the perfect platform for spending some much-needed quality time with your loved ones. The gift should as well have the qualities to engage participants mentally. This effectively allows for mental exercise.


A little fun never hurt anyone. With dementia patients, it is critical to keep them actively involved in activities that would ultimately engage the different bodily functions which in-turn positively counteract the adverse effects of dementia. While sourcing for a gift for your loved ones living with dementia, it would be advantageous to go for a gift that would be just as entertaining as the love you have for that particular individual.

Trying to pick out just the right gift for your loved one with dementia has not been made easier by the vast range of potential gifts available. However, the wide range of gifts has made available a diverse range of options to choose from. Based on the specific effects of dementia to a particular individual, you can select the ideal gift for your loved one.

Best Gifts for Dementia Patients

These are five among other gifts you can look through to get an idea of an ideal gift for a patient with dementia;

Springbok Puzzle To Remember

This simply designed set features 36 large and defined pieces to present the engaging challenge of putting together the complete jigsaw puzzle. Conveniently understandable and relatively easy to put together, this gift has the potential of positively coercing the mind to be an active and effective function

Melissa & Doug Wooden Lacing Beads Set

Featuring 30 brightly colored wooden beads coming in different shapes and conveniently drilled through with oversized holes, as well as two equally colorful lacing strings, this set can be your ideal gift especially if your loved one actively delved into sewing activities.

Blue Sky, White Clouds: A Book for Memory-Challenged Adults

It is a gift that stimulates the memory-linked functions of the brain. Your loved ones struggling with the effects of dementia can delightfully go through the easy-to-turn pages filled with breath-taking and realistic looking pictures thoughtfully captioned in large readable print.

Jumbo Large Print 2020 Wall Calendar

Having a consistent sense of being in touch with the current timeline as well as basically just knowing the time and date can play a crucial role in maintaining a reasonable level of orientation for patients with dementia. You can get your loved one a copy of the largest printed and defined 2020 calendar to help in effectively developing and maintaining planned schedules.

Sizeable Retro Style One Button Dementia Radio

As suggested by the name of this AM/FM radio device, it has been specially modified to be controlled by one button that simply turns it on or off. After a quick pre-setting fix that includes removing the front panel to adjust the volume as well as set the AM/FMM tuner to a proffered setting, all that remains is a one-button operating requirement. This cuts down on the complexities of operating the modern, sophisticated stereo devices. It is indeed a perfect gift for a dementia patient.


It is a gesture of kindness, consideration, and affection above all when you hand your loved one a gift. To a dementia patient, it could mean the all-important difference in their lives. Depending on the particular effect of dementia on your loved one, you can offer a gift that could enhance their memory recollection or function as well as providing them with an experience that could effectively make their lives easier.

Above has been a selection of 5 among other effective and thoughtful gifts for patients with dementia. You can always consider them when it comes to selecting the most convenient games for the elderly suffering from Dementia.

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