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Best Dementia Clocks


Checking the time is second nature to all of us, but for Alzheimer’s patients it can be a stressful reminder that they are ill.

Most of us have this ingrained habit of checking the time. It doesn’t matter if it means looking at a watch, glancing at the phone or a clock; most of us will admit that we’re often unaware when checking the time. How often do you check the time?

Nobody can dispute that telling the time is an essential skill that no one can’t live without. It helps you orientate yourself in your day. For instance, by looking at your watch at 6 am, you’re able to tell that it’s time to wake up. When you check it at 1 pm, you know that its lunchtime. These are just a few instances to justify why the ability to tell the time is important to us.

But the skill isn’t enjoyed by everyone. Our seniors with dementia increasingly find it difficult to tell the time. Besides, the time-telling skill will often decline as dementia progresses. In some instances, the skill may get lost completely. This usually makes the seniors even more anxious, agitated, and confused.

How Can Dementia Clocks Help?

The difficulty in telling the time largely depends on the stage of dementia itself. Besides, you’ll have to consider your elderly loved one’s level of cognitive ability.

For instance, seniors at the early stage of dementia will comfortably do well with clocks that cover all time information; the time, day, the month, and year. Likewise, your loved one may be able to read the face of the clock; only that the clock numbers need to be clearly marked.

However, the person at the mid or late stages of dementia may struggle to read the numbers on the clock face. That explains the reason why you should consider it wise to pick a clock with plenty of information.

For example, the clock face should tell the time of the day rather than mere time. But it’s difficult to tell the best clocks for this purpose. To help in your search, I’ve compiled the 4 best clocks for dementia. This review will definitely help you make the best choice.

Best Clocks for Dementia Patients

Timekeepers -Top Rated Extra Large Memory Loss Digital Calendar Day Clock

The clock is perfectly visible during both day and night.  Its top features make it the most perfect gift for your loved one with dementia.

With this dementia clock, the senior doesn’t need to get alarmed of worries and tremendous stress. Besides, the clock benefits you as the caregiver. You get relieved from anxious phone calls from the patient who might have probably missed an important appointment or can’t remember what time of the day it is.

With Time Keeper’s Dementia Clock, your loved one doesn’t need daily whiteboards updates or note reminders. Besides, the clock has an easy and quick set up process. You only need to uncover it from the box and have it run in under three minutes.


  • Easy and quick set up– The setup process takes less than three minutes. This is because it features buttons that are easy to use. You only need to use straightforward options to quickly navigate the menu. Besides, its customizable auto-dimming features help eliminate day and night confusion.
  • 100% customer satisfaction– Being 100% satisfied is the manufacturers’ priority. The clock is 100% certified and confirmed to give the best user experience.
  • Reduces the stressful effects of dementia and memory loss–  TimeKeeker’s Digital Clock reduces the struggles with dementia, memory loss, and vision impairments.
  • Digital display with day and date– The clock has high resolution that helps you keep the track of day and date without stress. The clocks face features bold LED numbers that are easily read from various angles.

Dxmart Impaired Vision Dementia Clock

This is one of the most important Day Clocks for the elderly with dementia.  The clock supplements the traditional digital clocks whose abbreviated numbers make you confused and agitated.

The modern Day Clock has a clear screen that is easy to read. This helps reduce the worry and anxiety about the time of the day. Besides, you no longer need to be alarmed on the possibility of missing out on important appointments or other events.


  • The overall dimension of 8.5’’ by 6.75 – The large size makes it fit to be used as both a wall clock and desk clock.
  • Enlarged A.M/P.M– You can easily set up the clock to 12-hour or 24-hour system.
  • The unique features– The clock is ideal for seniors of all ages. It’s great for the office, classroom or home use.
  • Unique high resolution– This is the best clock for advanced care. Its high resolution enables it to clearly show the full dates, weeks, and month in bold letters.

SVINZ 3 Alarms Dementia Clock

If you’re looking for the most ideal day clock for a loved one with dementia, this special clock is all you need. SVINZ features a clear screen that is easy to read, unlike the traditional digital clocks which come with confusing abbreviations.

With this day clock, you don’t have to worry about missing an appointment, meal or other key events.


  • Unique features– The day clock is one of its kind. It features 2 color display options and an alarm function. You can easily set up to three daily alarms if you don’t want to miss medications or meals.
  • Ideal gift– Although it doesn’t feature the word “dementia”, the clock is the best gift for an aging loved one with dementia.
  • Enlarged A.M/P.M– The A.M and P.M fonts are enlarged and in bold. This prevents confusion when telling between different times of the day.
  • High resolution– The 8-inch display and high resolution clearly shows the time, date and day of the week, month and year in bold letters. Besides, the clock shows the different times of the day such as morning, afternoon, evening and night.

Cambrian Day of the Week Clock

This is one of the most ideal clocks to buy for a loved one with dementia.  The clock best fits the individuals at the late stages of dementia as it clearly shows the time and date of the day.  Besides, Cambrian day clock features a large 9-inch face with a large pointing hand. Day clocks are the best ideal gifts for your loved ones with dementia.  The great gifts are designed to help the senior tell the time without struggle, so as not to miss meal times or important key events.


  • Full 1-year guarantee– The 12-month guarantee boosts the users’ confidence in the functioning of the clock.
  • Powered by 1 X AA battery
  • Large 9-inch face– The large clock face allows you to check the time from any angle.
  • Schedule- It can give reminders on daily schedules.


If you or your elderly loved one is suffering from dementia and it’s hard for them to keep track of time, you must have a dementia clock in your home. It will make your life and theirs much easier.

In this modern era, we can manage ailments with the help of technology and proper care. In this article, I hope I have helped you to choose the best dementia clock for your loved one.


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